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Roger has always been a motorhead. He went from bicycle to go cart to race car. If it had wheels, he could make it go fast. He purchased his first Harley Davidson 17 years ago. It was not long after that Southern Oregon Hot Bikes was started.

Roger worked out of his garage for the first few months. He moved into a small shop in Medford for a year until getting a bigger shop at the current location in Central Point. He purchased a dyno and has been building engines using computers and programming to get the most accurate results. He invented the HB125 Hydraulic Automatic Primary Chain Tensioner for big twins, several years ago, it is sold to aftermarket catalogs and direct to consumers. About a year ago, he invented "The Wedge" Hydraulic Automatic Primary Chain Tensioner for big twins. It is now available through SO Hot Bikes, as well as some aftermarket catalogs.

Most recently, Roger designed a new hydraulic automatic primary chain tensioner for Sportsters. It is called the HB125XL. It is in production now and will be available through this site very soon.

In addition to chain tensioners and servicing bikes, Roger also builds custom choppers and offers custom upgrades to factory bikes. Here are just a few:


2005 Fuel Injected Softail Chopper


1972 FLH California Highway Patrol Motorcycle


2006 Softail Chopper


Bourget Viper







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